Ben Vince in conversation with Coby Sey

29 Sep 2020

Saxophonist Ben Vince speaks with musician, DJ and close collaborator Coby Sey about Falling into Time, one of five new sound works that make up this year’s ASSEMBLY programme.

Discussing Vince’s new composition, the two artists talk process, practice and inspiration in the unpacking of Falling into Time; a collage work of dense energy that seeks to represent a distillation of feelings and emotions in times of global uncertainty and tension. 
Developed over the course of a four-month online residency at Somerset House Studios, Ben Vince has worked in collaboration with immersive sound agency Call & Response to produce the long-form piece. Vince’s new spatialised work aims to create a reflexive environment in which the audience can experience multiple dynamic forces and a heightened level of consciousness.

About the speakers

Coby Sey
Coby Sey is a vocalist, musician and DJ from South East London who offers a shifting, disorienting vision of club music. 
A long-time collaborator with Mica Levi, Tirzah, Babyfather, Klein and Kwes, Coby’s recorded work – as best evidenced on the Whities 010: Transport for Lewisham 10″ – spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions and experimental music, melding recognisable motifs of hip hop, drone, techno, post-punk, fusion and more into a dubbed-out anaesthesia. Live, these dreamlike compositions are imbued with a heavy, uneasy dancefloor energy, often abetted by live vocals as well as saxophone interjections c/o regular cohorts Ben Vince and Calderwood. 

Ben Vince
Ben Vince is a prolific saxophonist and composer whose live-looping improvised performances and recorded output have garnered attention and praise from across the musical spectrum. Through extended technique, electronic processing and an open-eared approach to collaboration, Ben's work spans free improvisation, DIY and dancefloor scenes in a strikingly original style. 

His diverse recorded work has found imprints such as 33-33, Hessle Audio and Where To Now? and been lauded by such publications as Wire, Pitchfork and The Guardian. The records themselves explore sound indiscriminately, melting influences of jazz, minimalism, punk and electronica together. 

Performing solo and in various outfits across Europe and beyond, Vince has built a reputation as a one-of-a-kind live force who can veer from invigorating instrumental exposition and hypnotic rhythmic experiments to heart-rendering melody centred in acoustically responsive ambience and is always in tune with the energy of a space. 

Assembly 2020's artist residency programme Sonic Terrains is supported by Jerwood Arts' Development Programme Fund.

Media partner: The Wire