Upgrade Yourself: Fashion & Identity

08 Oct 2020

Our latest Upgrade Yourself brought self-identified creative human Louise Gray and emerging fashion talent, content producer Thea Siwale together to openly discuss their roles and views within the wider fashion community. 

Offering advice on how to find and communicate with your own voice within an ever-evolving industry, watch Louise and Thea’s online session and find out about their creative journeys and careers so far. 

Hear how they celebrate and are inspired by the female form and how they support diversity and the need for a democracy of voices when making creative work happen. They both touch on collaboration, solution-based thinking through design process and how listening to your inner voice and gut instinct can help you build a creative world around yourself. There are lots of tips and insight, so sit back, take notes & enjoy.

Q&A with Louise and Thea

Please introduce yourself and give a brief description about your current role?

Louise: I am a multidisciplinary designer, educator, and writer. I describe myself best as a creative human.

Thea: I am the founder of online platform Better Than Honey, an organisation designed to support all women, celebrating the ups, downs, and all arounds of life, shining a light on female creatives, and the expectations of women today.

What is the worst moment of your career so far? How did you show resilience and bounce back?

Louise: Any time I accept less than I am. As creatives, we get to set our own value systems and worth. I have had to learn that many times before fully understanding and adjusting to that way of thinking,

Thea: At University I started questioning everything, sometimes positively, sometimes doubtfully. As a recent graduate, I still do not have all the answers; however I am learning, through the process of the unknown, that one door eventually leads to another.

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?

Louise: The universe wants us to win.

Thea: Write a to-do list and circle the ones that give you the most anxiety and stress; then do these first! Get the worst over and done with so that the dreaded anxious feeling does not take up your whole day. 

As the world is systematically changing, what does a future creative career look like post Covid-19?

Louise: It's remembering as creatives we create the conversations around the world to things that need reflection and highlighting. Through multiple viewpoints, discussions, and education, differing opinions can create harmony. There is no certain correct or wrong way, only the need for everything to be discussed and considered.

The: To adapt and evolve will continually bring creativity into new ways of thinking and doing.

What are your 3 top tips for aspiring creatives?

1.    Creating is allowing the thing you desire to happen
2.    In uncertainty there is room to act
3.    Be your own salvation

1.    Share your ideas and ask for opinions and feedback through collaboration
2.    Your voice is valid, do not let nerves get the better of you, be present and consistent 
3.    Be careful not to lose sight of why you started something, keep reminding yourself of your message