Now Play This 2016
Now Play This

A celebration of games

18 Apr 2017

The 2017 edition of Now Play This showcased the wider possibilities of games - the peculiar, the beautiful, the deeply experimental.

The annual festival is a place for games that get us playing in new and wonderful ways - whether that's in groups, on our own, outside, inside, on or underneath tables. Games that send us running across courtyards, games situated on nearby screens, games that take place entirely in our heads.

Highlights of the weekend long festival of games included The Ten Second Room, filled with games exploring the way duration impacts play, challenging players to complete a task at top speed, such as trying a hand at being a virtual make-up artist, or sketching a digital masterpiece. Three brand new games, specially commissioned for Now Play This from international artists, Patrick Smith (Vector Park), Lee Shang Lun, and Yara El-Shabini also made their debut. 

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Take a look back at Now Play This 2017, a festival of experimental game design with interviews from Festival Director Holly Gramzio and game designers Phoenix Perry, Jono Sandilands & Lee Shang Lun.

Now Play This | 2017