Somerset House Studios

What's the state of London night club culture?

19 Apr 2017

Curated by Studio resident Estela Oliva in collaboration with Somerset House Studios, the first edition of Nocturnal City interrogated the interplay between London and Berlin nightlife.

The evening of installations, panel talks and performances featured DJs, artists and professionals from both cities, including London Night Czar Amy Lamé, Lutz Leichsenring (Clubcommission Berlin), Berlin Community Radio, Bala Club, musicians Laurel Halo and Beatrice Dillon and artists Lawrence Lek and LaTurbo Avedon.

Berlin’s Berghain nightclub recently received the same tax status as the city’s concert halls in recognition of its contribution to culture. Yet in London, nearly half of its nightclubs have closed in the last ten years. With rents spiralling in the capital, more and more London artists and DJs are decamping to Berlin each year, contributing to an ever more international and vibrant cultural landscape.

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Nocturnal City: London-Berlin | Somerset House Studios

Music: Situation by Laurel Halo. Courtesy of Honest Jon’s Records