Somerset House Studios

Hurricane: the psychological aspects of snooker

13 Apr 2018

The latest Somerset House Studios podcast turns to snooker, one of the most intensely psychological sports. A one-on-one battle of nerves, where the course of history can be determined by a single ball, potted or missed.

Many assume the sport to be slow and repetitive. But behind the bowties and waistcoats lurks turbulence and controversial characters. Snooker is a game of contradictions and juxtapositions like no other. In general the game rewards consistency and risk aversion. However, it is rife with individuals who go against the grain.

In this podcast Studios resident, member of Common Study, film-maker and snooker player, Louis-Jack discusses his latest work in progress. Hurricane looks back at the tumultuous life of Alex Higgins, one of the sports most loved and controversial characters, through the lens of the modern understandings of mental Health. Louis-Jack explores the psychological aspects of snooker and suggests that a consideration of this can support people generally with mental health in daily life.

The interview was recorded in the Snooker Rooms of Somerset House Studios.