Somerset House Studios

The legacy of Nocturnal City

16 Apr 2018

Following the final event in the Nocturnal City series, Somerset House Studios invite three new Associate Artists, SIRENResis’Dance and Cotch International to join the community this summer. 

Part of the legacy of 2017’s Nocturnal City series, which celebrated the integrity of club culture, the artists will use the residency to develop projects and workshops for the Studios’ programme. SIREN is a London-based collective challenging preconceptions within the dance music scene. As Associate Artists, SIREN will explore how they might break down boundaries between performers and audiences through a series of events focused on shared knowledge and collaboration. Also joining are Resis’Dance, ‘the DJ collective making partying political’ (Dazed) by questioning gender norms and creating safe spaces on the dance-floor, who will develop live sessions and panel events as part of their residency. Cotch International is a new label which aims to promote globally-minded music with a raw edge. As Associates, Cotch will continue to offer a platform for underrepresented artists and art forms to be celebrated.

Nocturnal City: London - Manchester

Nocturnal City examined the state of nightlife and its influence. By connecting discussions in London with other world cities including Berlin, Barcelona and Manchester, through installations, panel talks and performances, the series explored how urban hubs and communities can learn from each other to create new cultural standards.