Somerset House Studios

King's College London x Somerset House Studios Scheme 2018

23 Aug 2018

Academics and artists work together to offer new perspectives on contemporary issues, as a result of the King’s College London x Somerset House Studios scheme.
Now in its second year, King's x Somerset House Studios scheme (formerly Arts in Society Innovation scheme), sees five Studios residents receive support to collaborate with a researcher from King's in exploring new perspectives on contemporary issues
Studios recipients of programme support in 2018 are:
Marija Bozinovska Jones
Maeve Brennan
Ted Hunt
Thought Collider

A rich variety of subjects will be covered this year, from technologically-mediated intimate relationships to climate change in the anthropocene and predictive policing systems, ways of perceiving and occupying time, as well as the creation of an island of fat.
The projects developed in 2018 will be presented to the public at the beginning of 2019 as a series of docu-films.



Technologically Fabricated Intimacy

Marija Bozinovska Jones + Dr Alessandro Gandini (Department of Digital Humanities)

The project will explore what blockchain technologies bring to the dating market, often reduced to bodily evaluations and gamified versions of romantic exchanges.


Mossi forecasts: reading weather in Burkina Faso

Maeve Brennan + Camilla Audia and Francis Crowley (Department of Geography)

Combining rigorous research with an artistic documentary approach, this project will gather personal testimonies and first-hand evidence of climate change from rural communities and scientists.


Euro-vision, or the Making of the Automated Gaze

FRAUD + Dr Btihaj Ajana (Department of Digital Humanities)

Euro-vision examines the ‘affects’ that analytic and remote sensing technologies have in the emergence and evolution of migrant flows. Euro-vision asks, what does Europe want to see?


Sense of Time

Ted Hunt + Professor Matthew Soteriou (Department of Philosophy)

The collaboration aims to present a series of alternative clock faces offering critical new perspectives on how we individually and collectively perceive and inhabit time.


3 Days of Fat

Thought Collider + Dr Charlotte Mills (Department of Nutritional Sciences)

The project brings together knowledge and expertise from all walks of life to confront society with fat as substance, and critically discuss our complex relationship with this material in a series of public experiments, happenings and discussions.

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