Somerset House Studios resident

Marija Bozinovska Jones

Artist exploring precarious post-digital conditions

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Marija Bozinovska Jones’ work revolves around formation of identity within augmented technocapitalism. She examines implications of new technologies and how society adapts to them, contemplating coping mechanisms. Via MBJ Wetware as a hybrid identity, Marija initiates collaborative live performances, simulating immersive heterotopian landscapes to be collectively inhabited. Her festival performances include commissions for CTM/ Deutschlandradio Kultur, a performance at Vorspiel and presentations at Transmediale and MIRA/Scope Sessions. Her past musical collaborators include JG Biberkopf, Iydes, A Guy Called Gerald and Mind:Body:Fitness/Phoebe Kiddo among others.

"GAD Technologies" - Photo Credit: Camille Blake
"GAD Technologies" - Photo Credit: Camille Blake

"MBJ Wetware – the avatar identity of Marija Bozinovska Jones – explores simulations and the mimicry of natural ecologies through CGI, media, and collectively produced and circulated imagery…. footage of natural landscapes and modern utopian planning of vast urban vistas”

Marija Bozinovska Jones - Echoes of Earth
Echoes of Earth

Within the frame of the residency Marija Bozinovska Jones will focus on instigating further collaborative practices and programmed events under the umbrella interest of commodified emotions. This will include instigating events exploring ‘zen optimization’, whereby collectively quantifying the self as a personal, social and public construct. She will also be exploring the digital gaze of the female: both via mediated construction of the self and through anthropomorphised technology and use of female voice for virtual assistants.

Quantified Self
Quantified Self