Somerset House Studios

Nocturnal City at Mutek Montreal

21 Aug 2017

Somerset House Studios present a special edition of Nocturnal City at Mutek Montréal, the 18th edition of Canada's festival of electronic music and digital creativity, taking place from 22 - 27 August.

Nocturnal City is a series of events exploring the state of international nightlife and its influence in pushing the boundaries of underground and wider culture. Curated by Studios resident Estela Oliva, each event features a programme of panels, installations, performances and parties, bringing together artists and professionals from different fields.


Nocturnal City: London - Berlin

From algorithmic dance parties to all-female techno collectives, the first virtual nightclubs to the queer club kids and their audacious fashion; London’s underground, progressive scenes have pushed forward irrespective of spiralling rents, stringent noise restrictions and the prioritisation of property over underground culture. By connecting London with other international cities, Nocturnal City aims to create an exchange with communities around the world to share ideas on the status and development of club culture and related arts.

This special edition of Nocturnal City in collaboration with MUTEK invites artists and festival participants in Montreal and beyond to join the conversation and celebrate the future of a vibrant culture, with contributions from Studios residents LaTurbo Avedon, Estela Oliva, Paul Purgas, and Studios director Marie McPartlin.

Nocturnal City is commissioned and produced by Somerset House Studios. Curated by Studios resident Estela Oliva. The next event at Somerset House Studios takes place on 14 October 2017 and takes London-Barcelona as its focus.

Associate Artist Graham Dunning will also present his mechanical techno set as part of the festival.


Graham Dunning, Mechanical Techno