Perfume Pioneers: Antoine Lie

21 Jul 2017

Antoine Lie talks about love and bodily fluids as he introduces the concept behind Sécretions Magnifiques, perhaps the most provocative scent within the Perfume exhibition.

Recalling the height of sexual pleasure with the smells of semen, sweat and milk, the perfume has been highly divisive since its launch a decade ago, labelled as both attractive and repulsive.

"I read some articles and blogs telling me that I'm completely crazy."

Listen to Antoine as he explains why Sécretions Magnifiques invites us to question what we want from a perfume.

Perfume Pioneers: Antoine Lie

Antoine Lie film by International Magic for Somerset House

Creative Direction: Adam Rodgers, Stefan Endress & Sam Robinson
Director of Photography: Chris Dodds
Editor: Benjamin Gerstein
Grade: James Thexton at The Laundry Room