Perfume Pioneers: Geza Schoen

10 Jul 2017

This week we explore the groundbreaking, single-ingredient sensation Molecule 01 by Geza Schoen. Listen to the latest podcast as Geza discusses the making of the perfume that has taken the fragrance world by storm.

Molecule 01 is a pop culture phenomenon as much as it is a perfume. The scent contains just one material known as Iso E Super. Since the 1970s it has been used in fragrance and household products for its remarkable effects as a blender, bringing radiance, harmony and texture to a composition. In what Shoen describes as a 'decision' rather than an act of creation, he showcased Iso E Super on its own within his Escentric Molecules brand. Taking over 20 years to launch the concept commercially, it has helped dispel the fallacy that perfumes only contain natural materials and sparked an interest in synthetic ingredients.

"This particular smell has no time, it would have worked 50 years ago, it would have worked 100 years ago, it still will work 50 years from now"

Geza Schoen

Watch the second of our short films inspired by the ten pioneering perfumes featured in Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent

Geza Schoen - Molecule 01

Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent runs from 21 June to 17 September.


Geza Schoen film by International Magic
Creative Direction: Adam Rodgers, Stefan Endress & Sam Robinson
Director of Photography: Chris Dodds
Editor: Benjamin Gerstein
Grade: James Thexton at The Laundry Room