Only In Dev film still shows a skate park in Sheffield with a group of skaters hanging out

Skateboarding Scenes

03 Aug 2021

Through the work of leading photographers, designers and filmmakers, No Comply celebrates the country’s vibrant and diverse skateboarding scene, documenting the transformative influence the subculture has played in shaping people, cities and culture in the UK, and beyond.

With film and video playing a key role in enabling skaters to document their local scenes, the exhibition features four new film commissions documenting the community, its spirit, and the spaces which skaters occupy.   

Visitors are invited to embrace the freedoms and joys of riding a skateboard with a new short film No Comply from London-based director Dan Emmerson, explore diverse skate communities in a new short by skate videographer Sirus f Gahan and Helena Long, as well as experience the friendships and bonds the activity brings with filmmaker Dan Magee.   


No Comply, Dan Emmerson, 2021
A still from Only in Dev shows three skaters hanging out in a Sheffield skate park
Only in Dev: The Sheffield Scene

A skateboard exhibition at Somerset House - **** off!

Nick Sharratt, Palomino

Heading to Sheffield, the documentary Only in Dev: The Sheffield Scene, follows the  different communities of skaters across the city, showcasing their sense of community and how they respond to the landscape around them. The film was produced by Somerset House’s Creators-in-Residence, in partnership with Google Arts & Culture.

Only in Dev: The Sheffield Scene

Only in Dev: The Sheffield Scene
Featuring Shaun Currie, Ben Kinsella, Kirsty Tonner, Martin Kennely, Mark Baines, Tom O’Driscoll, Rob Bannister, Danielle Gallagher 
Director   Rob Akin 
Director of Photography   Natalja Safronova 
Additional Photography   Rob Akin 
Editor  Natalja Safronova 
Music   Gaika 
Sound Design    Leon Radschinski-Gorman 
Colourist   Rob Akin 
Production Assistant   Sam Adesanwo 
Executive Producer   Eleanor Scott

A film by Somerset House
Commissioned for No Comply: Skate, Culture, Community (2021)
The Creators-in-Residence programme is supported by Rothschild Foundation

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