A still from the Future Producers' film Rising: A Manifesto. A Future Producer, Kayleigh, holds a circular mirror up to the camera. In the reflection you can see another Future Producer, Jahnavi, operating the camera capturing the image.

Rising: A Manifesto

19 Aug 2021

Somerset House's Future Producers present Rising: A Manifesto, a new film in collaboration with Studios resident Seth Pimlott.

Rising: A Manifesto has been collaboratively shot, edited and soundtracked. In the wake of the pandemic, the film explores the political, ecological, and spiritual dimensions of the group's artistic practice in what is both a reckoning and a celebration. Rising: A Manifesto is an impressionistic portrait of these emerging artists and a statement of intent about how the group wants to live and work together as producers of the future.

The project was initiated in response to our summer flagship exhibition, No Comply, and its themes of  'doing it for yourself' and 'doing it with others'. Alongside the film, the Future Producers have worked with OOMK's Rose Nordin to design a flag that currently flies above the Somerset House building. No Comply is curated by Tory Turk, from an original idea by Frankie Shea, with expert insight from acclaimed British skateboarder Helena Long.

Image: Film still from the Future Producers' Rising: A Manifesto (2021). 

The Future Producers are: Kayleigh De Sousa, Rhyan Holder, Jahnavi Inniss, Cherece Lucina, Nkechi Nwobani-Akanwo, Valeria Salinas Toro, Zahrah Vawda, and Jessie Zhang.

Rising: A Manifesto was made possible with support from Art Fund and The Adonyeva Foundation.