A cross section of the Future Producer flag. On a sun-yellow background there is a red sun-like shape at the centre bleeding outward, to the four points of a compass. In the corners you can see red squiggles.
Flag Commission

Future Producers: Flag Commission

13 Jul - 19 Sep 2021
Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court

A new flag commission by the Somerset House Future Producers, in response to No Comply, our summer exhibition exploring the phenomena of skateboarding and the impact of its culture and communities on the UK.

No Comply is Somerset House’s flagship summer exhibition, curated by Tory Turk, from an original idea by Frankie Shea, with expert insight from acclaimed British skateboarder and Somerset House Visitor Experience Manager Helena Long. 

The Future Producers responded to the themes of No Comply, which included ‘the city as playground’, ‘doing it with others’ and ‘doing it for yourself’. They were also inspired by interspecies equality, nature and afro-futurism when set the project of producing a flag.

They collaborated with Somerset House Studios Resident Rose Nordin (OOMK) and were challenged with illustration and being changemakers. This drew upon and developed their skillsets which led to the creation of the flag you see flying today. The flag will continue to be the logo of the Future Producers collective and will be used by future participants on the programme. 

The No Comply co-production has been generously supported by Art Fund and The Nadezda Foundation.

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