Jessica Ekomane in a black suit laying on her back on a white stone structure


29 May 2020

Introducing a new weekly playlist guided by the contents of the week's digital programme and its associated artists and music in its surrounding orbit. We’ll be compiling each shorter weekly selection into a rolling playlist for your longer listening needs.

It's Complicated – ZIÚR

This week’s playlist kicks off with It’s Complicated by Berlin based producer and musician Ziúr. Ziúr featured in this week’s Deep Listen – Sunday Church With Ziúr.

Something More – Nabihah Iqbal

The next track comes from Studios Resident Nabihah Iqbal, This week Nabihah featured in Upgrade Yourself: Peer Exchange, Somerset House’s fortnightly series of artist talks.

Erotic Heat – Jlin

Jerrilynn Patton, known as Jlin, is an electronic musician. The track Erotic Heat was selected for a playlist made by composer and multidisciplinary artist Jessica Ekomane for We Make Waves Festival, an organization designed to support the work of women, trans and non-binary people working in the music industry. Jessica Ekomane lead this week’s Mutant Promise music programming workshop.

Lionsong – BJÖRK (Juliana Huxtable remix)

Remixed by Multidisciplinary artist Juliana Huxtable, Juliana joined the Somerset House Studios community for a month-long residency programme at the beginning of May, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut London.

Uyang'khumbula – FAKA

Performance art duo FAKA (Fela Gucci and Desire Marea) explore a combination of mediums ranging from sound, live performance, literature, video and photography, to create an eclectic aesthetic with which they express their ideas about themes central to their experience as black queer bodies navigating the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa.

Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat

Inspired by Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings UK Gay Bar Directory, we recommend Bronski Beat, an openly gay Scottish synthpop trio from the 1908s. The Gay anthem Small Town Boy realised in 1984 encapsulates the experience of being young and gay in 1980s Thatcher’s Britain.

Immaterial – Sophie

Sophie Xeon, known mononymously as SOPHIE, is an English electronic producer, songwriter, and DJ based in Los Angeles. Traversing disparate musical spheres from underground dance music to major label pop, SOPHIE’s singular sound shirks convention and pushes familiar musical styles to their furthest extremes – SOPHIE joined Studios artist Nabihah Iqbal for her Glory to Sound series hosted at Somerset House Studios.