Somerset House Studios resident

Mutant Promise

Events from 18 Apr 2020

Mutant Promise is a programming and producing platform supporting the work of musicians who combine a DIY and workshop practice with their performance, composition and release work.

Following the conclusion of Music Hackspace’s residency at Somerset House Studios in 2019, former director Tadeo Lopez-Sendon and producer Harry Murdoch launch a new programming and producing platform Mutant Promise to profile and support the work of musicians who combine performance and composition work with a DIY-maker and music education practice.  

Taking its title from Adam Harper’s ‘Evolution of Post-Internet Music’, Mutant Promise encapsulates a desire to work with artists who are restless with their medium, whose practice is to continually hack, modify, invent - mutate - the tools and instruments which they're given. The 'promise' is the certainty of the push forward that defines these tools, and how this process shapes new artistic practices in return.

For their inaugural programme, Mutant Promise launch a series of online artist-led workshops for progressive music making in isolation. Led by Joanne Armitage, Dan Evans, Johann Diedrick and Jessica Ekomane respectively, the workshops span themes including digital field recording within the home, interior soundscape composition, harmony and tonality in digital music software and an introduction to making music through live coding.