THE UNNOW NOW - Vivienne Griffin

22 Apr 2020

The first in our new Pause series, THE UN-NOW NOW is a new commission by Studios artist Vivienne Griffin. Our programme I Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now takes its title from another of Vivienne’s works. 

This sound work is the culmination of a group workshop hosted by the artist in January, exploring dissonance, vocal fry, polyphonic harmonies, speaking in tongues and drone. Working with The Seer on vocals, accordion and electronic noise, Anya Palamartschuk, vocals and cornet and Joshua Fay electronic samples and vocals, Vivienne brings together their contributions in post-production for this collaborative composition. The voiceover lists the 59 slogans of Lojong, a Tibetan Buddhist mind training practice from the 12th century.

The original script for the workshop was taken from Dharma Punx NYC; a secular Buddhist podcast by Josh Kordan. Lyrics from songs by Bjork and Madonna and 12 step fellowship addiction recovery acronyms.

  • AA 
  • ACA 
  • CA 
  • CLA 
  • CMA 
  • CoDA
  • COSA 
  • DA
  • EA 
  • FA
  • FA 
  • FAA 
  • GA 
  • HA 
  • MA 
  • NA 
  • N/A
  • Nar-Anon
  • NicA 
  • OA 
  • OLGA 
  • PA
  • RA 
  • SA 
  • SAA 
  • SCA 
  • SIA 
  • SLAA 
  • SRA 
  • UA 
  • WA 

Part of PAUSE: Every Wednesday, Somerset House & Somerset House Studios release an artist commission from our rich and varied archive as well as many sound and video works previously unseen online.