Eunice Olumide

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration | Creative Entrepreneurship with Eunice Olumide

18 May 2021

During this very inspirational Upgrade Yourself, Eunice Olumide walked us through her illustrious creative career, with Somerset House Future Producer Jahnavi Inniss.

We asked Eunice what it takes to become a successful creative entrepreneur, to which she wisely replied “life is a sprint, not a marathon.” In this session Eunice shared her career evolution, and how she has sustained her creative outputs in the public eye, through clear decision making and living within her creative choices.

Eunice emerged as a fashion model in high-end editorial campaigns and on international runways, but has since evolved as a published author, actor, businesswoman, gallerist, presenter, and producer, all whilst retaining her title as a Brit supermodel. Eunice has gained an international following of fans, peers, and big-name collaborators, having worked across radio, music, TV, film, fashion, theatre, and production, all while being a passionate activist and campaigner. 

Much of Eunice’s career has focused on social justice and sustainability issues and she uses her various platforms to promote inclusive conversations, promoting activism and connecting social thinking. In 2017, Eunice was awarded an MBE as part of the Queen's Honours list for her work in broadcasting, charity, and the arts, and in 2018, the V&A celebrated Eunice as a Design Champion for her work in design & production.

Eunice's top tips

  • Identify what is success to you and block out all the other noise!
  • Always maintain a good standard and quality to your work and demonstrate this to your audience, industry peers, clients and / or public.
  • Map out your plans and work towards your goals, stay resilient and encourage others.
  • Be prepared and ready to do the work, and value your experience, knowledge, conditioning and training.

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