Henry Holland

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration | Creative Vision & Collaboration with Henry Holland

22 Feb 2021

In this session we had the delightful Henry Holland, creative director and design consultant, who shared what creative vision means to him, as well as his career highlights and inspirations to date.

With Henry’s colourful and fast moving showreel as the backdrop, he shared his experience in journalism, speaking on his time as Fashion Editor of 90’s/00’s pop-culture staples Smash Hits! and Bliss Magazine, before creating his iconic slogan t-shirts. These t-shirts launched his fashion and creative career into the stratosphere, from DIY business model to an award winning, globally recognised brand. Henry also shared one of his proudest projects: the development of a tailoring and suiting collection for the Albert Kennedy Trust, an LGBTQ+ charity supporting youth homelessness and building better futures.

With his vibrant and unique approach to creating trends and developing brands through fashion, sportswear, home & interiors, and tech, Henry continues to develop his career as a consultant, moving further into tech and communications for big brands and creative markets. This is all in addition to dabbling in ceramics from home during lockdown.

With humour, collaboration, and people at the heart of all he values and does creatively, there is plenty of inspiration and advice for you to feed into your own working practice, including how to hone your narratives and create an inclusive and inspiring network of people around you.

Henry’s advice and insights:

  • Be collaborative and inclusive, get a sense of belonging and support through peers.
  • With a creative brain, look at everything and wonder how you can change it up.
  • Social media is a tool to help sell and promote your products globally.
  • Pick the best platforms and social channel that work best for you.
  • Embrace TikTok, it brings joy and fun especially right now.
  • For new business starters, make sustainable and ethical decisions at the forefront of what you are doing, it will help your business sustain in the long run.

About Henry Holland

With 13 years as Creative Director and CEO of House of Holland, he has a wealth of experience across all areas of the fashion industry. An accomplished and creative marketeer, he has strong skills in creating and executing campaigns both with seasonal collections and collaborative projects. Having worked with partners on both branded product and collaborative retail projects at all levels of the industry, from luxury to high street, he has amassed a 360° insight into the creative fashion business. With a particular strength in licensing, partnerships and collaborations, he has worked on a number of global projects under his brand name House of Holland and in collaboration with leading brands around the world, in addition to his role as an independent consultant for other brands. Henry believes collaboration is key for any small brand looking to develop a global footprint with a localised team. Accessing the marketing budgets and manufacturing capabilities of some of the world’s leading brands allowed House of Holland to offer its customers new and exciting products and campaigns, keeping them engaged with the brand outside of the seasonal collections.