A photo of Jessie recording with two other speakers in a room with spotlights and recording equipment.

Upgrade Yourself: Process | Pitching Audio Production with Jessie Lawson

02 Mar 2021

Senior producer and radio director Jessie Lawson joined us to discuss her career journey as part of our Upgrade Yourself programme, supporting creative careers.

Jessie shared her experiences setting up her own community interest company, as well as her views on the audio industry, alongside some interactive skill sharing and play around inclusive and creative storytelling.

During this Process workshop we enjoyed a podcast listening session with Jessie, discussing thoughts, feelings, and ideas around the themes, metaphors and layering techniques used by producers and sound designers. Jessie shared insights on how to hone and pitch your ideas to partners and commissioners. A key take away? Always try to keep pitches concise and capped at 200 words.

In this session Jessie covered:
•    Her personal journey getting into the audio industry
•    Character driven work 
•    Creative audio formats and sound design
•    Idea(s) creation and pitching.

For those who may have missed the session, Jessie’s slides are available to download as PDF here.


Jessie Lawson is a freelance audio producer interested in creative storytelling, co-production and platforming voices that are overlooked in the mainstream media. 

Stay connected with Jessie via Twitter