Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

We run an active Corporate Membership programme working closely with our members to give partners’ employees and clients access to Somerset House’s distinctive year-round cultural programme both onsite and online, as well as pre-sale allocations, bespoke hospitality and behind-the-scenes opportunities to engage with Somerset House’s artists and resident creative community.

Support from our Corporate Members helps us to realise our charitable ambitions as a new blueprint for arts and culture, backing progress, championing openness, nurturing creativity and empowering ideas, which is especially important in the context of receiving no regular public funding.  

Following on from our Anti-Racism Pledge last year and the recent launch of our Black Business Incubator, we are introducing a new corporate membership option where an allocation from annual corporate membership fees will be ringfenced for a new Diversity Fund and used to provide subsidised workspace for creative enterprises that support shared diversity and inclusion goals. Our standard corporate membership is £12,000 per annum and our enhanced version linked to our Diversity Fund will start from £15,000 a year. 

We offer a completely flexible Corporate Membership with a sliding scale starting from £12,000 + VAT to £30,000 + VAT. 

Corporate Membership supports many initiatives at Somerset House, including the expansion of our cultural programme and the development of Somerset House Studios. As our Corporate Membership is flexible so we have the ability to build bespoke partnerships around each level. 

In return we build solid relationships and truly beneficial partnerships with our Corporate Members. 

Why Join? 

  • Give your clients and staff complete access to our exhibitions and events programme. 
  • Create behind-the-scenes opportunities for your clients and staff to meet the artists and curators behind the work.  
  • Shape distinctive hospitality and networking opportunities. 
  • Arrange exclusive access to our stunning events spaces 
  • Answer and fulfil CSR briefs and outreach ambitions. 
  • We will also work actively with the Corporate Member to respond to opportunities as they arise. 

When it comes to diversity, we seek to be an agent of change across our cultural programme, our resident community and within the cultural sector. We are not complacent and recognise much more is needed. We have intensified our work in this area with our Anti-Racism Pledge, which we are actioning through with our Anti-Racism Taskforce.  

We recognise that we can achieve more by working collaboratively with a range of different partners. To this end we invite corporates who share our commitment to a more equitable society to join us and help realise these goals through our elevated Corporate Membership programme, where a portion of our partners’ investment directly supports our work as a charity and our wider anti-racism strategy. 

For organisations looking to advance their own diversity & inclusion goals by actively supporting Black-led creative businesses, we are introducing a new elevated corporate membership for Diversity Champions.  

Our Diversity Champion Corporate Partners will have all the regular benefits and access to Somerset House’s Development Manager to work with them to make connections between our programme and the corporate’s interests and priorities in order to shape bespoke insights and hospitality programme. In addition, a proportion of the corporate membership fee will be ringfenced for Somerset House’s Diversity Fund and used to provide subsidised office space within the resident community for Black-led creative businesses. 

The creative and business case for diversity is clear, but we recognise we need more consistent action to live up to our ambitions and to be as representative as the city we serve. We are committed to making Somerset House a safe, inclusive and diverse space for all. We would love to work with corporate partners on this journey and towards shared goals in addressing inequality.