Valeria Salinas Toro and Rene Matić stand in front of the camera, holding archival prints of the Beano comic in front of their faces.

A New Bobby on the Beat

A new co-commission from the Future Producers and London-based Rene Matić, drawing on fashion and language, in response to our latest exhibition Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules.

Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules brings to life the comic through immersive set design and original comic artwork and artefacts from the Beano archive. Curated by artist and lifelong Beano fan Andy Holden, the exhibition also gathers today’s greatest creative rule-breakers, including writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and photographers.  

In this new commission, Future Producer Valeria Salinas Toro worked with artist Rene Matić, responding to the themes of Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules, combining text, fashion and rebellion to create four unique t-shirts, on display as part of the exhibition in the Great Arch Hall, by the entrance to the Embankment Galleries.  

This co-production set challenges, asking what rebellion looks like, how to dispel the idea of ‘the boring, old museum’, and how to create standalone pieces that allow the audience to see the Future Producers as individuals, as well as a collective. To assist with this, Valeria referred to the Future Producer manifesto, where their beliefs are documented and used to hold themselves and the sector to account.  

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Participating Future Producers

Valeria Salinas Toro