Music Hack Space
Former Somerset House Studios resident

Music Hackspace

Platform and space bringing together those passionate about music, art, innovation and technology. 

Somerset House Studios
New Wing
Music Hackspace at Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace aims to catalyse the development of music technology projects and sound art practices by hosting weekly artist presentations, demos and workshops engaging with sound, music, art, music technology, new instruments, computer music, electronics and all kinds of noisy ideas. They support the spread of knowledge and innovation, creating unique opportunities by gathering skilled professionals, hobbyists and curious minded people together to exchange skills and disciplines, from technology development to sound art installations and music production.

Past activities at ContainerVille and LimeWharf include talks by Scanner, Mira Calix, Tim Exile and Jones/Bulley. They've previously hosted DIY analogue modular synth workshops with Befaco and Rebel Tech, software workshops for SuperCollider users, and as part of their ongoing partnership with music organisation Sound and Music, have hosted three composers in residence. These residencies culminated in the creation of Cave of Sounds, an award winning interactive installation by Tim Murray Browne, and a showcase at Cafe OTO featuring Leslie Deere and Jack James. Their work has been covered covered by The Wire Weekly, GQ magazine (Top 5 London maker-spaces), The Quietus, Classical Music magazine, CNN and The Guardian. Music Hackspace in residence at Somerset House Studios is supported by Arts Council England. 

Music Hackspace
Music Hackspace

"Music 'hackers' unleash new generation of cool and bizarre instruments" 

Kieron Monks, CNN

Whilst in residence, Music Hackspace will host a brand new seasonal programme of free weekly artist talks and demos, monthly workshops, regular group meet ups and artistic residencies focussing on themes around music, music technology and art. The programme aims to increase the technological and cultural awareness of cutting edge techniques and innovations, and support the development of new musical and hardware/software skills. Music Hackspace in residence at Somerset House Studios is supported by Arts Council England.