Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace 2019 Programme

Music Hackspace continue their unique programme of  workshops, free artist talks, software sessions and one-off events to Somerset House Studios as part of a two year residency. 

Music Hackspace at Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace is a platform for experimenting and interacting with sound and technology. Incorporating diverse methodologies and aiming to create an open playground and exchange of ideas and sounds that embraces new and old technologies. Newly available open source platforms, both hardware and software, are granting far wider accessibility to new interactions with music and audio that has not been possible before. It’s with these technologies that Music Hackspace base their programme of workshops, artist talks and meetups, and hope to encourage people of all backgrounds to create and engage with music in previously unrealised ways.


Over the first few months of the programme they’ll be exploring numerous intersections between music and technology, covering algorithmic music with TidalCycles, SuperCollider and C++, modular synthesis in the Eurorack format and even hacking brain wave data.