Former Somerset House Studios resident


Taking hold of the tech & decks, Resis'dance are a women and non-binary events collective challenging gender norms in the music scene and creating safe spaces on the dance-floor. 

Somerset House Studios
New Wing

Resis'dance is a radical events organisation that run by a diverse group of women and non-binary people with different sets of experience ranging from marketing, sound engineering, DJing, activism, and fundraising. ResisDance has been running for almost three years, during those years they’ve fundraised for Black Lives Matter UK, Sisters Uncut, Latin American Women’s Aid, Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association, and many more radical organisations and campaigns.

Resis'dance organise events that fundraise for, and build political affinity on the dance floor between one or two groups of their choice. They choose organisations that are radical, underfunded and active. They do extensive research to find appropriate contenders but they are also open to submissions. Their fundraiser events take place at least once every 3 months, across London. Although their main aim is to fundraise for radical organisations, they also aim to teach, support and prioritise the voices of women of colour and working class women at all their events. They do this by making sure that all of their events are accessible in prices, hosting DJ workshops, Safer Spaces workshops and discussions, and making sure most of their members, staff and line-ups are comprised of POC, women, non-binary people.

Their DJ workshops teach a variety of skills, some of these include; technical set up for DJs, how to use CDJs, how to DJ with a controller and DJ software and performance. These workshops are taught with latest versions of hardware and software. The spaces that they teach in are private, safe spaces where participants can feel comfortable learning in. Their safer spaces workshops aim to help battle misogyny and harassment on the dance floor and in the club scene. They teach this by using techniques that are lifted from the Theatre of the Oppressed. Giving each participant an opportunity to tackle harassment and unwanted behaviour head-on and support other people who have been made to feel uncomfortable in a safe way.