1999: The Greatest Year in Modern Movie History?

Film4 Summer Screen: Behind The Screen

Mon 12 Aug 2019
Doors and Drink from 18.30
Tickets £10

Doors and Drink from 18.30

Talk 19.00 - 20.00

Screening Room
South Wing

As The Matrix celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a screening in our Film4 Summer Screen programme, we revisit the year of the film’s release and ask: Was 1999 the greatest year in modern movie history?

That’s what many critics and film fans believe, with the likes of Being John Malkovich, Eyes Wide ShutCruel IntentionsAmerican Beauty, Magnolia and Fight Club backing up their case. But was 1999 really 12 months of masterpieces or are we romanticising the last gasp of the last millennium?

We investigate further as a panel of experts, including film critic Charles Gant and BFI’s Anna Bogutskaya, reject the rose-tinted specs and take a clear-eyed look back at the favourites and the flops from 1999, as well as offering up other years that could compete for the crown.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for the audience to have their say too, making this a debate that could last all-night.

This event is part of Film4 Summer Screen's Behind the Screen talk series, and includes a complimentary drink.