Documentation of Joe Namy's work at Intermissions in Portikus, Frankfurt. At an improvised performance a white man holds a drum in his lap. He sits on a chair next to a sound mixer resting upon a crate with wheels.
Somerset House Studios

Grounding Practice: The Starlight Frictions of Sub Bass

with Joe Namy

Thu 30 Jun
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Somerset House Studios resident Joe Namy leads The Starlight Frictions of Sub Bass, a workshop on the resonance, poetics, and healing effects of sub tass tones.  

In this Grounding Practice workshop participants will explore expanded approaches to sound and listening, focusing on practical applications for optimizing and exploiting sub bass tones. No prior experience in sound is required for attending this workshop.  

About Joe Namy

Joe Namy is an artist and educator, often working collaboratively across performance, sculpture, photography, text, and video. Their projects often focus on the social constructs of music and organized sound, such as the pageantry and politics of opera, the noise laws and gender dynamics of bass, the colors and tones of militarization, the migration patterns of instruments and songs, and the complexities of translation in all this - from language to language, from score to sound, from drum to dance.