The Impenetrable Forest

Evoking a jungle meander, this immersive installation invites visitors to get lost in a raw art ambience, underlining unique pieces created entirely with chaguar, a textile technique by the native Wichi community. Chaguar is the common name of several related species of South American plants of the family Bromeliaceae which are non-woody forest plants with sword-shaped evergreen leaves.

The piece seeks to push popular arts to its limits and take attendees to a contemplative space.


  • Curated by Trimarchi.
  • Designed by Trimarchi Collective.
  • In collaboration with Designer Sebastian Valdivia, Pablo Gonzalez Diaz, Textile Designer Sol Marinucci. Architects: Javier Serena, Ariel Jinchuck (Fluo Studio). Wichi Artisans : Isabel Fernandez, Maricela Garcia, Anabel Martinez, Maricela Martinez, Sonia Fernandez, Verona Fernandez, Ayelen Fernandez, Angelina Fernandez, Evelin Fernandez, Lidia Paz, Juana Fernandez, Guillermina Fernandez, Orfilia Ibañez, Dominga Fernandez, Rosa Barraza, Carla Martinez, Mirta Tomas, Adolfina Tomas, Johana Perez, Nery Martinez and Siwani. Sound Design: Acampante Video: Leonardo Mercado.
  • Supported by the Embassy of Argentina to the UK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worship, Secretary of Cultural Heritage - Ministry of Culture, British Council Argentina, TMDG.