Exposed Nerves

Exposed Nerves will be an active multi-disciplinary, rapid response design studio. Every week, the studio will be occupied by a different curator and 3-4 designers specialising in a broad range of design disciplines. The team will react to social and cultural issues shown on a news-feed that will be constantly channelled through audio-visuals.

Visitors will witness a unique experience each week, whilst designers question world matters in real time. They will experience the emotional and professional sides of the design process, and be part of a much wider conversation about Israeli culture.


  • Administering Bodies: Shenkar. Engineering. Design. Art., The Israel Museum - Jerusalem
  • Design team: Asaf Hanuka, Nelly Agassi, Philip Thomanek, Nadav Barkan, Gali Cnaani, Dekel Bobrov, Pini Leibovich, David Amar, Danielle Weinberg, Maya Arazi, Rami Tareef, Alon Meron
  • Curators: Hila Shaltieli, Galit Gaon, Sharon Weiser-Ferguson, Nurith Goshen, Neta Konforti
  • Supporting bodies: Embassy of The State of Israel to The United Kingdom, CBH | Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique, Stylus Media Group, Ariella and Dan Moskovich, Tollman’s Tel-Aviv, Friends of the Israel Museum - Jerusalem