Princess Yachts


What's YOUR Proposition?

Like all good stories, this one started with a revolutionary idea, which was immediately met with a question: What exactly are you proposing?

Princess Yachts, one of the world’s foremost luxury yacht manufacturers, is recognised as a compelling example of successful and progressive British manufacturing. For more than 50 years, the brand has remained true to core values with high-quality materials, comfort, seakeeping, exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary design. Princess delivers yachts to universal acclaim in over 100 countries.

Tipping the hat to nostalgia, modern innovation is reflected in the dazzle design on the company’s installation to be located in the Edmond J. Safra courtyard at Somerset House. Dazzle was first conceived of by Norman Wilkinson for early 20th century Naval vessels, featuring a specific geometric pattern that confused rather than concealed. These original dazzle-camouflaged Royal Naval vessels were created at the historic South Yard site, in Plymouth – the very same site where Princess creates its award-winning superyachts today. 

The bold camouflage for the installation was created by Katie Sheppard (Plymouth College of Art), who was one of twenty students enrolled in the BA Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern course competing to design a new version of dazzle for Princess. The design has been utilised to bring to life the most provocative and cutting edge proposal from Princess Yachts to date - the R35. Partnering with BAR Technologies (the talent behind the British America’s Cup challengers) and iconic design firm Pininfarina, the fully-carbon-fibre R35 boasts the very latest in advanced technologies and naval architecture, while still remaining a true Princess at heart.

For Princess, the R Class is a revolution, a seismic shift from where the company has started to where it is today. The Princess Dazzle installation will express the exhilarating journey through the design and manufacturing story, and will pose the question: What’s YOUR proposition?


  • Overall Direction: Princess Yachts, Plymouth College of Art
  • Exhibit & Installation: EXTREME Group
  • Film Production: Craft Films London