Saudi Arabia


Being and Existence

Lulwah Al Homoud’s intricate geometric patterns for Being and Existence are based on the Arabic alphabet, using the forms of language to communicate a positive emotional experience.

Saudi Arabia’s installation, Being and Existence, explores the relationship between language and our emotional state, and in particular the effect of different forms of language on the messages we communicate. Artist Lulwah Al Homoud has developed an abstract form of language, evolved from the Arabic alphabet and taking the form of a geometric pattern – an intricate, symmetrical web of fine lines and symbols. This graphic work stems from her research into Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometry, which she undertook as part of her MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design – the first Saudi to achieve this distinction. Al Homoud explored the rhythmic “codes” and symmetries of the Arabic alphabet and then used these as the basis for geometrical designs. The process combines the mathematical and the emotional, the realms of logic and language.


  • Designer: Lulwah Al Homoud
  • Supporting Body: King Abdulaziz Centre, Saudi Arabia