Invisible Calls

Invisible Calls presents two major contexts – ‘The Right to Silent Occupation’ and ‘The Right to Narration/Text Opposition.’ Under these curatorial contexts, Art Bank Taiwan has collaborated with two new-media artists Cheng-Chang Wu and Che-Yu Hsu. Through these artworks, artists will give a “voice” to different life scenarios and translate the emotional states shared by people from different cultures. These Invisible Calls are heard, exchanged, and resonated through the exhibit and the conversations it opens.

The theme stems from the bio-political problems between the individual and his/her country. The concealed “vocal” sources, different from social mainstream ideologies, are investigated using the different expressions and contexts of artistic creation, digging into people’s collective identity with regard to geographic environment, national ideology, and also taking a bottom-up approach to examine individuals’ pursuits of self-recognition under social regulations by looking at the different conditions of their life.


  • Administering Body: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art (Art Bank Taiwan), The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan
  • Designers: Cheng-Chang Wu, and Che-Yu Hsu and Wan-Yin Chen
  • Design Team: Thousand Birds Art Co. Ltd., Mistroom
  • Curator: Cheng-Pu Su and Man-Yun Chung
  • Supporting Bodies: Taiwan and Taipei Representative Office in the U.K.