Time is Subjective

Time is Subjective relates to pride. It captures movement and growth. It simultaneously addresses the history of a nation, whilst also hinting at its future. UAE will present an installation that looks directly at time and its personal meaning to the UAE as a country.

The passing of time can sometimes feel so tactile, something you can almost touch. In youth, a year appears like forever, and as you grow a decade passes in a click. The UAE is a young country at only 46 years of age. As a country always in motion, the UAE is proud in its ability to grow faster than any other nation and achieve milestones no one thought possible. The speed of time is a subjective, ever-changing and even controllable element. 


  • Design team: Tinkah
  • Designers: Reem Al Ghaith, Kholoud Sharafi, Carlos Gris, Hamza Al Omari, Claudia Rivera
  • Supporting Bodies: Office of Public & Cultural Diplomacy and UAE Embassy in the UK