A photo of Patrick Ziza performing 'Dance by Design'. Four performers in Dandy clothing perform on stage. They are dressed in colourful shirts, hats and suit trousers, pulling suave poses.
This Bright Land

Patrick Ziza

Sunday Street Parties

Sun 28 Aug
Pay What You Can
Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

For the final party of the month, Newcastle-based choreographer Patrick Ziza evokes the style of Congolese Sapeurs.

Patrick Ziza’s Dandyism presents the style of Congolese Sapeurs, outrageously well-dressed men and women, often defying their circumstances in dandyish fashions, sharp suits, hats and canes and a riot of colour.

Expect dance, fashion and performance, in an event that invites you to move and have fun. Join workshops on how to become a dandy in a day, learning about accessories, beauty makeovers and how to pose, walk and boogie, and take part in interactive dance performances and talks exploring the history of African fashion hosted by Fiona Uwamahoro.

About Patrick Ziza

Patrick was born in Rwanda and moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne as a teenager. After training as a dancer, Patrick travelled across Europe, Africa and the Far East working with a diverse range of practitioners and contemporary choreographers. He became more and more interested in tapping into his own cultural heritage, identities, gender and how these are expressed and repressed. Now, as a choreographer, Patrick's work reflects the immense passion he has for dance and cultural eclecticism, but also the issue of humanism, gender and identity in a 21st century world which is, sadly, still divided. 

Patrick's artistic goal as a dance theatre practitioner is to create a variety of works that explore the themes of African heritage and cultural norms and investigate the effect they have on black people who were born or have lived in the western communities (outside Africa) most of their lives.