A detailed crop of the This Bright Land campaign creative. CGI of flowers, grass, butterflies and bubbles that reflect the building of Somerset House are randomly dispersed across the frame, in bright vivid colours.
This Bright Land

Talks at This Bright Land

03-29 Aug 2022

Free entry to the site: Mondays – Fridays, 12.00 - 18.00  

Pay What You Can entry: Mondays – Fridays, 19.00 - 22.30 & Saturdays, 12.00 - 18.00 

Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

Change-makers and community collectives share critical thoughts on representation, connection and disrupting the status quo at This Bright Land.

Upcoming Programme

WED 17 AUG | 19.00-19.45

The Don’t Call Me “Exotic” podcast joins us for another recording at This Bright Land, this time with Pxssy Palace, an arts platform rooted in intentional nightlife, providing space to dance, connect and engage, whilst encouraging consent, sexual freedom, pleasure, expression and exploration of our authentic selves. Pxssy Palace celebrates Black, indigenous and people of colour who are women, queer, intersex, trans or non-binary. 

Host Oh Annie Oh speaks to Nadine Noor, Mya Mehmi & Ryan Lovell about the need to create these spaces, why it's important to uplift underrepresented communities and how they're able to do all of this by throwing the best parties in London.

Pay What You Can

WED 24 AUG | 19.00-19.45

Presented by the Yard, ‘In Conversation with Space-Makers + Space-Takers’ will be an interactive discussion for diverse change-makers to learn ways to claim their space and own their power. The discussion will feature some of London’s notable space-makers + takers not only tapping into their own power but also creating spaces where people from various backgrounds can come together and feel free to be exactly who they are.

Speakers + Moderator
•    Mercedes Benson (Instagram | Twitter); SocialFIXT founder, DJ
•    Clarice Metzger  (Instagram | Twitter); the Yard founder  
•    Jameela Elfaki (Instagram); AZEEMA founder and EIC
•    Michael Amusan (DLT Twitter), DLT co-founder 
•    Nadir Nahdi, Moderator 

Pay What You Can


WED 03 AUG | 19.00-20.00

On this live episode of Don't Call Me "Exotic" podcast, to be recorded at This Bright Land, host Oh Annie Oh speaks to Jason Kwan & Lilly Snatchdragon from the UK's only Pan-Asian Cabaret collective The Bitten Peach. The collective is made up of performers of Asian descent working in a variety of nightlife performance genres, including drag, burlesque, dance, comedy, music, and circus. 

Founded at the start of 2019, The Bitten Peach has been dedicated to increasing and diversifying Asian representation on the drag and cabaret scene.

Annie will speak to them about how and why they formed, the importance of community and how they're able to bring people together through performance and the arts. 

WED 10 AUG | 19.00-21.00

Presented by the Yard, ‘Boundless’ will be an evening of screenings and discussion. Join Mathieu Ajan, founder of Bounce Cinema and an executive with the British Film Institute as we spotlight some of London’s great young filmmakers, joining Mathieu will be Dumas Haddad, Somayeh, Anna Dobos and Susannah Kala Limbu who are using their work to alter the status quo, push boundaries and champion their communities.

The films being screened and discussed are:

Film by: Dumas Haddad
Fathers is a powerful film that interrogates and challenges stereotypes surrounding the role of the Black father in modern society. It explores the emotional and spiritual lives of a group of young Black men, whose mental health is all too often disregarded.

I See You
Film by: Somayeh
Inspired by fashion models sharing stories of sexual harassment in the industry, the film looks at returning the gaze and subverting traditional power dynamics. The film aims to raise awareness and empower further change. The dialogue and point of view scenarios are based on true events that models shared via Cameron Russell's hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse and serve to highlight the combined strength of these voices.

I Thank My Mother for My Hair
Film by: Anna Dobos + Susannah Kala Limbu
Alexis is an aspiring dancer and has just turned eighteen. When she was a child, she was placed in the foster care system and currently lives with her grandmother in London. But now that she's reached adulthood, she and her mother, who lives in council housing in Ashford, are forging a new path together, healing old wounds, and trying to move into a new house together to make up for lost time.