A graphic illustration of three men, taken from the cover of the book 'The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas'

Juliana Huxtable on the five works that shaped her practice

04 May 2020

Singular in her approach to art and music, Juliana Huxtable is a very contemporary polymath. As she begins her Somerset House Studios x Goethe-Institut London digital residency from her home in Berlin, we invited her to share with us the five most important works that influenced and shaped her practice. 


Paul B. Preciado’s Testo Junkie is the single most illuminating, paradigm-shifting and totalizing take on the evolution of power, capital and their permutations of the past 10+ years. 


The Revolutionary Artwork of Emory Douglas – never sacrificing nuance or beauty for political urgency, Emory Douglas has long been a key influence in my visual work.


Home of the Brave by Laurie Anderson


I will be forever a more inspired artist and musician after seeing this brilliant multi-media performance scape by Laurie Anderson.


One of my favourite albums of all time, Christian Death's Only Theatre of Pain is at the same time romantic, camp, poeti-dada and gothic with punk sonics, Only Theatre of Pain is poetry and sonic aggressive, sonic whimsy in record form.


The 1996 Gulliver's Travels miniseries – the aesthetic of multiculturalism meets period piece representation meets high budget public television fantasy.

We’ll be sharing a mix from the artist next week, and on Tue 19 May Juliana responds to the provocation 'I Should Be Doing Something Else Right Now' as part of our monthly live stream series. She’ll also be in conversation about her work as part of Grounding Practice on Tue 26 May.