A photo of Mirelle Phillips looking at a pin board with focus. On the pin board are photos of trees alongside drawings and diagrams.

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration | Creative Wellbeing & Resilience with Mirelle Q. Phillips (Studio Elsewhere)

28 Jun 2021

Upgrade Yourself streamed live to New York to meet with the inspiring Mirelle Q. Phillips, Founder & CEO of Studio Elsewhere, who represented the New York City Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2021 at Somerset House.

In this inspirational 60-min talk, Mirelle talked openly with Future Producer Host Cherece Lucina about the journey she took founding her own company, which uses design and emerging tech to develop innovative environments that support brain health. Studio Elsewhere are influencing in their sector, helping to reshape and co-create a new model for how a supportive workspace can fuel imagination and produce equitable change. Mirelle positions herself centrally within her team, orchestrating a safe and sustainable space to connect the group formed of designers, technologists, scientists & artists who reimagine the experience of health, wellness, and care.

Mirelle’s tips:

  • Be a deep listener, listen closely.
  • Allow for rigorous exploration and consider deep wonder always asking, ‘what’s unknown?’
  • Designers are practical beings, consider the user experience within your design ideas, and work as a collaborator.
  • Stay grounded, and ask yourself: ‘What does a good day (for you) look and feel like?’ then avoid and ignore external voices that may cause anxiety or negativity.
  • Find strategies to allow for quiet reflection, and rest. Value the time for care and rest, it will do you the world of good.

London Design Biennale is a global gathering of the world’s most ambitious and imaginative designers, curators, and design institutes. Es Devlin is Artistic Director and has chosen Resonance as the theme, which countries, cities, and territories will respond to in their installations and presentations across Somerset House, London.

About Mirelle Q. Phillips

Mirelle Q. Phillips is the Founder and CEO of Studio Elsewhere, a design and technology company developing bio-experiential technology to promote behavioural, cognitive, and social health. Merging the best aspects of a design studio, technology company, and research lab, the Studio's model allows for true partnerships with researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals to reimagine the experience of health, wellness, and care. Studio Elsewhere has been selected to represent the first ever New York City pavilion at the 2021 London Design Biennale and selected to design the United Nations Pavilion for the World Expo 2021. As a Latina Founder and innovator, Phillips is a passionate advocate for women in colour in STEM. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and previously led Experiential Design in the video game industry.


About Studio Elsewhere

Studio Elsewhere uses evidence-based and data-driven practices to develop virtual and physical interventions that promote brain health. They are pioneers of bio-experiential design - interactive, immersive environmental design using technology and physical design toward a healthier brain-body connection. Their embedded emerging technology solutions support the needs of healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, and caregivers.

They use software and hardware development, emerging technology, immersive game design, and biophilic design to reimagine the experience of health, wellness, and care. Their model allows the team to develop a first-of-its-kind technology and design practice that leads with empathy, imagination, and inclusivity


About Cherece Lucina (Future Producer)

Cherece Lucina is founder of Create Conscious Community and a spirituality facilitator.
She produces culturally diverse events which allow people to connect to their community and sense of spirituality in a personally relatable way, whilst honouring the need for safe spaces and accessible content. By bringing spirituality to you, she has been able to enter a multitude of contexts and encourage mindful engagement.

From sustainable fashion shows to psychedelic art exhibitions (psychedelic society headquarters, Nov 2018/Apr 2019) and holistic well-being events (ufundi, Nov 2019 and zoom over lockdown), she has had the opportunity to find common ground for conversation in a range of areas. Cherece has also lately taken to the spotlight performing circus acts and DJ'ing!