Engagement & Skills

Somerset House’s Engagement & Skills activity exists to remove barriers and increase representation in the arts and creative sector, within our workforce and audiences. 

We offer our programme and creative community at Somerset House as a resource to develop skills, engagement and entertainment. 

We aim to include under-represented* intergenerational audiences, while also focusing on giving emerging talent aged 18-30 access to skills, experiences and progression routes to pursue careers in the creative sector, connecting to our programme and resident creative community.

We will do this by: 

  1. Offering a programme of creative careers initiatives that develops the next generation of talent, using our creative community and cultural programme as a resource and source of inspiration.
  2. Creating high quality projects and events onsite and online, that are initiated and created with and by participants, reflecting their perspectives and experiences and characterised by evidence-based approaches.
  3. Developing partnerships and relationships with the sector and communities to widen our participants and audiences so that they better represent our society. 

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Contact Us  

For all enquires email - engagement@somersethouse.org.uk  

*By under-represented we mean people who are under-represented within the creative sector workforce and audiences, specifically in terms of:

  • LGBTQIA+ and/or non-binary
  • Having a migrant or refugee experience
  • From African Diaspora
  • From South, East and South East Asian diaspora
  • and/or ethnically diverse
  • Neurodivergent
  • Disabled
  • Affected by a health condition or impairment
  • Affected by homelessness
  • Care-leaver
  • Carer
  • Unemployed
  • and/or having received welfare benefits
  • Working class
  • and/or first in their immediate family to go to university