A cross section of the Future Producer flag. On a sun-yellow background there is a red sun-like shape at the centre bleeding outward, to the four points of a compass. In the corners you can see red squiggles.

No Comply

The Future Producers respond to No Comply, our summer exhibition exploring the phenomena of skateboarding and the impact of its culture and communities on the UK over the past 45 years. 

Through the work of leading photographers, designers and filmmakers, No Comply celebrates the country’s vibrant and diverse skateboarding scene, documenting the transformative influence the subculture has played in shaping people, cities and culture in the UK, and beyond. 

In response to this exhibition, the Future Producers have created a manifesto, flag and film that represents them as a collective while aligning with the themes of No Comply. The producers have drawn on ideas around the city as playground, doing it with others and doing it for yourself. 

Collaborating with Somerset House Studios artists Rose Nordin (OOMK) and filmmaker Seth Pimlott, the Future Producers have been challenged with various practices in filmmaking and design, drawing on their skillsets to develop three exciting pieces that will be embedded in the programme’s values. 

Somerset House Studios Residents

Rose Nordin (OOMK)
Rose is one third of the collective OOMK. Together, they produce OOMK zine, a biannual publication focused on women, art and activism as well as various art publications prompted by collective research. OOMK curate and programme publishing events and discussions with a particular interest in arts for social practice, alternative education and centring marginalised voices through print and small press. Founded in 2016, they also run Rabbits Road Press - a community printing press in Newham, East London. 

Seth Pimlott 
Seth Pimlott makes experimental narrative films that he develops through a workshop process. The workshops themselves involve creatively engaging with the concerns of the individual or group he works with, and place faith in the power of the imagination to master one’s own narrative. Working with a mix of amateurs and professionals, this collective spirit of making results in films that are more than the sum of their parts, creating a community for which the film is meaningful, to which the film belongs, and that it represents.

The No Comply co-production has been generously supported by Art Fund, The Nadezda Foundation and The Adonyeva Foundation.

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