Support artists, Maker Street, Somerset House

Support Artists

There are a number of ways you can support our resident Studios artists from sponsoring a studio, donating to the Young Talent Fund or becoming a One-to-One patron. One-to-One pairs one patron with one of the artists at Somerset House Studios who is experiencing precarious financial circumstances.

Patrons are individuals or small groups collectively giving to support one artist over the next 12 months. Gifts can be made in installments across the year either monthly or quarterly.

This is a unique opportunity to make a real difference, develop a personal relationship with a specific artist and their practice and get involved with the wider creative community of Somerset House Studios.

If you would like more information about One-to-One, please contact Sarah Pettifor 020 7845 4635. 

“One-to-One is a truly original scheme to support artists directly. It has given me huge insight into how artists work today, what they are thinking about and what they need. I chose to support a collective of remarkable young, diverse women working with advanced technology and wow! I feel that through them, I see how art is converging with other major disciplines -  environmental, political, technological - and provides such a different point of view. It feels fantastic to be able to help in this way.”

Martine d’Anglejan Chatillon, Patron