31 Jul 2020

A weekly playlist guided by the contents of the week's digital programme and the associated artists and music in its surrounding orbit. We’ll be compiling each shorter weekly selection into a rolling playlist for your longer listening needs.

It's Raining Today – Scott Walker

Producer and composer Seb Gainsborough aka Vessel and violinist Rakhi Singh include Scott Walker as part of their selection of music from this Sunday’s Deep Listen feature, recorded during Gainsborough's short-term residency at Somerset House Studios, in which the artists draw parallels between composers and musicians past and present.

Walker's inclusion in this week’s Studios playlist also nods to our PAUSE feature, this week from filmmakers Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, who collaborated with Scott Walker on Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic, an immersive sonic re-imagining of his 2012 album, Bisch Bosch.   

blisters – serpentwithfeet

Closing out Sunday’s Deep Listen with a string of vocally led compositions, Seb Gainsborough and Rakhi Singh draw a through line in the music of serpentwithfeet, Scott Walker, Purcell and more. We include the title track from serpentwithfeet’s 2016 blisters EP in this week’s playlist.     

The Desire for Light and Stars and Jubliant Songs – Asda

A track by Seb Gainsborough’s side project in collaboration with Chester Giles, selected in this week’s Deep Listen alongside the fifth movement from Olivier Messaien’s ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps (Quartet for the End of Time)’, the piece from which ‘The Desire for Light and Start and Jubilant Songs’ takes its sample.  

Paplu (Love That Moves The Sun) – Vessel

The centrepiece to Vessel’s acclaimed 2018 album Queen of Golden Dogs.

Bang'n On King Dr. – RP Boo

Sunday’s Deep Listen sees Seb Gainsborough pair Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ with footwork originator RP Boo’s ‘Bang’n On King Dr.’, a comparison that to Gainsborough “makes a lot of sense – massively polyrhythmic, energetic and dynamic pieces of music”.

Birdcage – Actress

Drawing a connection between Baroque composer Jean-Phillippe Rameau’s 'Les Boréades' and Actress’ use of samples, Gainsborough and Singh select ‘Birdcage’ from 2014’s Ghettoville as part of their guided hour of music shared for this week’s Deep Listen.

Ib – LCC

Ana Quiroga, one half of the now disbanded LCC, led an introductory workshop for music production using soundscapes and field recordings in Ableton Live this week as part of Mutant Promise’s programme with Somerset House Studios. ‘Ib’ is taken from LCC’s 2017 album Bastet - watch an excerpt taken from their live AV show for the record, developed with filmmaker Pedro Maia below.

A Lie – Kelela

A track from our recommended mix of the week from Studios artist Anna Meredith, whose recent record FIBS - written and recorded at Somerset House Studios - was nominated for the Mercury Prize this week.

Honeyed Words – Anna Meredith

Coming full circle to end this week's playlist on another strings-led piece of music, we close with one of Anna's Meredith’s 'Honeyed Words', taken from 2016 debut album Varmints.