A photo of 3 men wearing patterned clothes at a fashion show, designed by Bethany Williams
Workshops & Live Stream
22 Apr – 20 May 2020

All Our Children

22 Apr – 20 May 2020

Join award-winning British fashion designer Bethany Williams as she investigates our relationship to future generations, inviting audiences to take part in her research process through online workshops and live streams.

As part of this commission launching for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and in the context of climate emergency, Bethany Williams invites audiences to reflect on themes of future generations and consider what wisdom and legacy we’d collectively like to pass on to those who come long after us. 

This programme follows Bethany’s research process which has social justice and environmental action at its core. Beginning with DIY workshops in April, future highlights will include the raising of a new flag above Somerset House and the public launch of a new fashion collection later in the year.

Bethany works closely with different charities and social initiatives and as part of this project has been working with the Magpie Project who support vulnerably housed women and young children in Newham. Through the collaboration, Bethany discovered that many vulnerable mothers were told by different institutions that their children were not ‘our children’ to support and protect. This speaks to the political environment in the UK today but also translates as a metaphor for future generations. How collectively can we expand our capacity to care about the most vulnerable within our society now, both locally and globally? And how can nurturing that capacity to care and take action help us address the climate and ecological emergency as it unfolds?


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