Somerset House Studios

Vessel / Lucy Railton

Part of Assembly

Sun 18 Nov 2018
Doors 19.30, Performances 20.00 - 22.30
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

The result of two-months in residence at Somerset House Studios, musician / producer Seb Gainsborough and cellist / composer Lucy Railton present new works in this very special ASSEMBLY double-billing.

'I often feel the presence of a madness close by; the few degrees between control and collapse compel and terrify me; like standing on a ledge in a hot wind; performing a distorted character, the world never quite coming into focus; gritted teeth; I have a need for the strange, to feel estranged from myself, to get lost; to stop; to become still and uninterested and alive'.

Broadly inspired by the Clarice Lispector's 'The Passion According to G.H' and recorded in the reverberant surroundings of Somerset House's Rifle Range - a disused chamber once used for naval shooting practice - Seb Gainsborough (AKA Vessel) presents a new piece for voices, percussion and electronics. In collaboration with a range of vocalists, the piece aims to be a brief moment of insanity.

"But if I screamed even once, I might never be able to stop. If I screamed nobody could ever help me again; whereas, If I never revealed my neediness, I wouldn't scare anybody; but only if I didn't scare anybody by venturing outside of the rules."

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Commissioned by Somerset House Studios, composer and cellist Lucy Railton presents an extended set of original music drawing on her recent debut album Paradise 94 (Modern Love) alongside a new work in collaboration with artist and Savage Messiah author, Laura Grace Ford.

For ASSEMBLY, Railton's new live audio work responds to the complex and palimpsestic character of Thames-side Wapping, treating river systems as both a literal and metaphorical manifestation of connectivity, she constructs a sound world of undercurrents that relate people, places and time. 

Lucy Railton © Blakey and Scarth.jpg

Lucy Railton © Blakey and Scarth

Railton gathers these notions into a new work featuring text by Laura Grace Ford generated from psychogeographic drifts around Wapping and Limehouse . Tuning into the emotional contours of place the artists respond to residual currents of marginalised and occuluded cultures, the spectres of militancy and the emancipatory possibilities arising from proximity to a powerful and sacred river.

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Laura Grace Ford

Please note this is an 18+ event

Flashing light and strobe effects may be in use at this event

Somerset House's ASSEMBLY is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.