A photo of 3 men wearing patterned clothes at a fashion show, designed by Bethany Williams
Flag Commission

Bethany Williams: Flag for All Our Children

From Fri 18 Sep 2020
Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court

A new flag commission by fashion designer Bethany Williams.

Bethany Williams is celebrated for her innovative and inclusive practice in the fashion industry, placing both sustainability and social responsibility at its core.

The flag commission forms a part of All Our Children, originally launched for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. In the context of the climate emergency, Bethany invites audiences to reflect on our future generations and consider what wisdom and legacy we’d collectively like to pass on to those who come long after us. 

This project is an extension of a recent collaboration with the Magpie Project, a charity based in Newham providing safety and support for mothers and under-fives suffering in insecure accommodation. Through All Our Children and the flag commission, Bethany offers a platform for these vulnerable voices.

The raising of the new flag will take place on Friday 18 September and a specially created partner flag will be displayed at the Magpie Project charity's base.

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