Anxious Ocean and the Moonbathers © Hyphen Labs

The Anxious Ocean and The Moon Bathers by Hyphen-Labs

22 Mar – 5 May 2019
Great Arch Hall
South Wing

A major new installation from Somerset House Studios residents Hyphen-Labs where visitors are transported to an underwater world made up of stories from the post-anthropocene.

Speculating on a post-human future where Somerset House is once again below water and human activity no longer dominates the planet, visitors are transported to an underwater ecosphere where life on earth is still feeling the heavy footprints of humanity. Diving into the depths, a place and time far away from the lives of modern-day Londoner’s, the installation explores the idea of consciousness and psychoevolution while addressing our current anxiety around the subject of climate change.

Visitors are invited to engage with future sea-creatures, ponder the unseen and distant impacts of everyday city life that are reflected in consumer culture, and re-imagine the legacy of humanity through the eyes of the ocean.

Earth Day Season 2019 | Somerset House