Fragrance Futures

Thu 29 Jun 2017
£12.00 / £10.00 conc

Concession price tickets apply to over 60s, teachers, tutors, disabled, students, under 16s and registered unwaged. You will need to bring relevant ID to verify your status. 

Screening Room
South Wing

A panel discussion exploring the future of perfume and evolving sensory experience with three contemporary perfume experts.

How do the principles of perfume develop in our increasingly visually saturated world? Does the world of fragrance need to adapt or will scent forever occupy a unique position in our psyche?  This evening talk explores the experimental evolution of contemporary perfume, the science behind our senses and how scent, music and VR can combine to create innovative new experiences. 

The panel includes Paul Schütze, multi sensory artist and perfumer. Paul created the long term project Dressing the Air which is an encyclopedic resource that explores a variety of sensory reactions to different structures, sculptures and landscapes. This multi sensory, multi disciplinary ethos feeds into Paul's work in which he has used video, sound, photography and fragrance, most recently establishing the Paul Schutze perfume label earlier this year.

Also joining the panel is Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, his research is on multisensory perception, how our brains process the world around us and how this links with consumerism and the marketing of sensory experiences and products.

Timothy Han completes the panel, having released a number of perfumes under his own Editions label which are inspired by literature such as the writings of Simone De Beavuoir and Jack Kerouac. His experiments in multisensory experiences have most recently seen him lead the live music VR experience Miro Shot, complete with accompanying fragrances.

The conversation will be chaired by Iain Stevenson who since studying Chemistry at Glasgow University has worked in the fragrance industry for the last 27 years. With extensive experience in both downstream fragrance design and upstream fragrance development programmes, he has a passion for perfumery as a blend of creativity and technical innovation. Now Technical Director at Coty Iain is involved in the full breadth of fragrance design, from the identification and incorporation of novel materials all the way through to directing bespoke high end creative work with individual perfumers and designers.