Good Grief! Self Confessed & Self Defined

26 Feb - 03 Mar 2019
Seamen's Hall
South Wing

An interactive installation showcasing self-published student work created in response to the Good Grief, Charlie Brown! exhibition.

For the final week of the Good Grief, Charlie Brown! exhibition we celebrate the enduring power of Peanuts with an interactive pop up installation comprised of selected self-published works from the next generation of artists, makers and thinkers. Showcasing work by Graphic Communication Design students on the Foundation Course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Many of the Peanuts storylines have come from Charles Schulz’s own experiences and psyche. The students explored this notion by observing contemporary parallels with the original Peanuts characters, exhibition themes, and the artist process with support from Somerset House Studios Resident Laura Grace Ford. They then responded to a collaborative brief set by Somerset House Learning and Skills and their college tutors, to produce publications pairing their own day to day lives with ideas about existentialism, politics, feminism, arts and culture.

We welcome you to read the published outcomes and identify contemporary parallels of your own.