Mykki Blanco - Grounding Practice
Somerset House Studios

Grounding Practice: Mykki Blanco

Thu 26 Sep 2019
18.45 - 20.30
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

The first event in this series is a talk by multidisciplinary and award winning artist Mykki Blanco, following a short residency at Somerset House Studios.

This series is born from the understanding that while artistic practice is part of an art ecosystem tied to the rules of the competitive art market, artistic development is reflective and investigative. It is a negotiation of time to build confidence and self-direction. Artistic practice can develop qualitatively only if a personal state of trust in one’s self, a will to explore the unknown and enough time to do so are present- this series aims to be that time, for artists and public to discuss practices and their sustainability; to get inspired and to look at how to navigate, negotiate and contribute to the contemporary contexts to make work. 

The first event in this series is a talk by multidisciplinary and award winning artist Mykki Blanco

Mykki Blanco is an internationally renowned musician, performing artist, and LGBTQ+ activist. His debut full-length album Mykki was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. He is also the creator behind mixtapes like Gay Dog Food, and the groundbreaking mixtape Cosmic Angel which defined the 'Queer Rap' genre. He has been the protagonist of a wide variety of other video content as well, including his latest WYPIPO short film for Dazed. The multi-faceted artist continues to crossover from the underground having toured with the likes of Bjork, Major Lazer, and Death Grips, while working with such diverse musicians as Madonna, Kanye West, Kathleen Hanna, and Woodkid. Mykki Blanco remains a creative polymath whose journey from artist and actor to seasoned musician is as exciting to watch as it is to listen to.