Miloš Trakilović XYZ
Somerset House Studios

Jesse Darling: Screening Event

Thu 22 Jun 2017
New Wing

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin is an exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre curated by Associate Artist Jesse Darling. A screening event at Somerset House Studios accompanies the show, presenting works by Sonia Boyce, Hamishi Farah and more.

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin brings together a number of works by international artists who employ words and language to illuminate and obfuscate, fully cogent of the propagandist deployment of slogans and the seductively tall tales of advertising copy.

The artists in the exhibition are Sarah Boulton, Stanley Brouwn, Jesse Darling, Gordon Hall, Evan Ifekoya, Sulaïman Majali, Imran Perretta, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Özgür Kar, Claire Potter, Rosa Johan Uddoh, Hannah Weiner and Constantina Zavitsanos.

Gordon Hall, Elaine Mitchener and Claire Potter contributed live works at the launch of the exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre on 20 May.

Continuing the examination of words as powerful symbols and incantations, this screening programme includes works by Sonia Boyce, Hamishi Farah, Carolyn Lazard, Miloš Trakilović and Anna Zett.


Anna Zett, Text to Speech, 2015
Duration: 9:38 mins 

Sonia Boyce, Exquisite Cacophony, 2015
Duration: 35 mins

Carolyn Lazard, Improved Techniques, 2013
Duration: 4 mins

Miloš Trakilović, XYZ, 2016
Duration: 6:46 mins

Hamishi Farah, Study, 2016
Duration: 10 mins

Mene Mene Tekel Parsin is curated by Jesse Darling and supported through public funding from Arts Council England.