Talks and workshops

Makerversity: Re-Wiring Wellness

22 & 23 Feb 2020
New Wing

Running alongside Somerset House Studios Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy programme,  Makerversity's Re-Wiring Wellness will explore how we can challenge tech's social impact. Tech can have harmful consequences for our health and sense of connection to each other. How can we co-make collaborative and inclusive tech which solves these issues? This programme will explore challenges, ethics and solutions related to smart health tech. Visit Markerversity's drop-in and free showcase to talk with the Makerversity community about smart health tech. Explore digital tools to improve our wellbeing in our Mental Health & Tech debate. Discover how we can explore our sex habits and bodies further via tech in our Sex Tech & Health Debate. Uncover new perspectives around accessible health tech in our Maker Demo with Compact Cane. And join for a Queer Health Late to share resources around LGBTQ+ health! 

Join Makerversity as they uncover ways we can change the health-tech narrative for the better. From well-being, education and inclusion to sexual health.  

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