Talks and workshops

Makerversity: Re-Wiring Wellness

22 & 23 Feb 2020
New Wing

Running alongside Somerset House Studios Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy programme, Makerversity explores how we can challenge technology’s social impact on health, wellness and human interaction. Its use can often have harmful consequences for our health and sense of connection to each other. How can we co-make collaborative and inclusive tech which solves these issues? Join Makerversity to uncover ways we can change the health-tech narrative for the better. Their weekend programme will explore challenges, ethics and solutions related to smart health tech. Drop in for showcases or take part in debates and workshops during the weekend exploring wellbeing, education and inclusion to sexual health.

Contributors will include Feeliom, Troglo, Hetco, Studio Lära and Shelley James. Full programme to be announced.

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